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Searching for estate sales?

November 7th, 2008

Thanks to good SEO we are now #3 in the organic results for the term “estate sales”! If anyone out there is NOT finding what they want on this site, we’d love to hear about it. Try using our new feedback tab on the right hand side of the screen (when you visit the homepage). Enjoy!

New feedback tool integrated into the site

November 7th, 2008

If you noticed on the homepage there is now a “feedback” tab on the right of the screen. I encourage everyone who has suggestions about what they’d like to see added or improved on the site use the new feedback tool. Just click the tab and a form will come up with instructions on how to provide your feedback. With your help we can make the site a better tool for everyone!

Weekend Treasure Welcomes SaleSigns.info as Garage Sale Supply Partner

February 18th, 2008

We have a new partner that we’ve teamed up with to add even more value to our garage sale listing service. Now after listing your garage or estate sale with Weekend Treasure, you will receive a $5 off coupon good for any purchase at SaleSigns.info. Sale Signs sells rigid corrugated plastic and UV-cured ink signs. They are water-proof, fade resistant and reusable. Signs are printed with a colorful violet (Garage) and purple (Yard) glossy ink making them stand out and easy to spot, even on the busiest streets. In addition, you can buy custom printed sign decals with your sale address to attract more customers and save on prep time. Not only do they sell signs, they sell everything else you’ll ever need for a successful garage sale including price tags, cash boxes, shopping bags, balloons, markers, and even money aprons.

Check them out at http://www.SaleSigns.info

Post your sale to receive the $5 discount coupon via email.

Weekend Treasure Episode #7 - Know What It’s Worth Before You Buy

February 18th, 2008

This week we go discuss techniques both old and new to find out what a garage or estate sale item is worth, before you commit to buying it.

Weekend Treasure Welcomes Yard Sale Surfer!

July 19th, 2007

We have a new advertiser on the site today called Yard Sale Surfer who will appear at random on our homepage banner ad rotation. They run an online auction site and for a limited time they are offering the service for absolutely free! Their unique “wipe out” system makes it really easy and fun to use and they provide a tutorial on how it all works, so get on over there and post your latest yard sale finds, or bid on some great deals today!

Weekend Treasure featured on Sweet Site of the Day!

July 16th, 2007

One of the funnest things about running Weekend Treasure has been the great word of mouth we have been getting lately. I just got a note from the webmaster who runs a really fun site called “Sweet Site of the Day“. Wouldn’t you know it but Weekend Treasure was featured as the site of the day! Check out the article here.

The name of the site speaks for itself. Every day they choose a new featured “sweet” site and share it with their readers. Those who are into finding treasures at garage sales will love uncovering new treasures online at Sweet Site of the Day!

Weekend Treasure featured on Washington Post Radio!

May 30th, 2007

So I got an email with a link to a featured news story about the website this morning from wtopnews.com, one of the biggest news radio stations around Washington DC. Later in the day, when I checked our visit counter, I noticed a significant spike in traffic from that area, so I decided to further investigate and low and behold the site was featured in their top news stories!

I have since downloaded the podcast and found where they mentioned us. I should have it uploaded here soon for archival purposes.

Also, if you havent already, head on over to the forum and post something. Our goal is to start a community of yard sale enthusiasts from around the globe and we need you!

long overdue update!

May 1st, 2007

hey guys! Its late at night so I have to type quietly or else wake up my wife! Anyway, I have lots to write about but not much time so Ill keep it focused.

A few website updates:

  1. I added a new sale counter in the upper left of all pages showing exactly how many sales there are. Its updated every night so the number is always less than whats actually posted.
  2. Also, I kept getting emails from people that couldn’t post their sale due to Google maps not recognizing their address. I finally impemented a workaround to this problem that allows people to define their own address using a drag and drop style marker. Hopefully that will cut way down on support emails!
  3. Much more updates are in the works all around improving the user interface. The site is going to be 500% better after these changes are implemented. So check back often!

Now to the fun stuff, we are working on a new project called Weekend Treasure Videos. Each week we will post at least one video of our latest yard sale exploits, good deals, bad deals, what to look for, what to avoid, and random yard sale stuff. We already have the first two episodes produced. The latest one will always be on the homepage. Click here to view our YouTube profile of videos.

This weekends finds and site updates

February 26th, 2007

Its been almost a month (much too long) since we wrote an update. The reason is we’ve been working very hard on getting the site to accept PayPal for upgraded sales packages. Thats in place now, so we have a little bit of a breath before we dive back into the next big thing.

We struck some great finds this weekend! We hit 3 estate sales and a multi family sale. I got 3 collectible video games (Donkey Kong 64 and 2 Legend of Zeldas) for $7 dollars (talked down from $10). This price was at a premium for garage sales (usually, sellers are willing to part with their old video games for a few bucks) but this seller knew about their status as collectibles (Donkey Kong 64 for example sells for around $13 dollars, so thats almost double the price paid on one of the three).

We also scored some items that we plan to use for ourselves. A DSL wireless router and signal amplifier for $10 (would have spent $75 at Circuit City in the not so distant future on one of these puppies) so that we can now get DSL in our detached studio that should save us $24.99 a month in additional fees, and a few more knick knacks.

But, the REAL treasure was, Brooke spotted an old ring in a box full of assorted jewelry (most of which looked like your typical faux cheapo stuff). The sellers only wanted $1 dollar for it. We got home and looked it up. It turned out to be whats called a “Cameo” ring, they are from the late 1800 and early 1900s (the Victorian era) and this one looks like it has REAL diamonds on it. We did the usual eBay price search, and find out they are going for around $150 - $300!! We were so excited that we then took the ring down to a local high end antique jewelers and they said that the ring would be priced at around $1,000 in their shop. I think this takes the cake (sorry, Cashflow for Kids) for our best find to date. More updates on this soon!

Antique cameo ring with inset diamonds: cost $1, worth: $300+


New Features and More Sales!

January 28th, 2007

Hi Yard Salers!

Once again, we were out of town this weekend (which turned out to be not a big loss, since it was raining all weekend). Needless to say we dont have a lot of sales to report on, but we do have some udpates about the website. We just added a list view feature underneath the map so now you can see the sales all at once and print them out. A few notes:

  • The list will only be displayed when your zoom level is close enough (within a 20 mile radius or closer)
  • The list will only display sales within the viewable map area

If you keep tabs on the yard sale statistics thread in the forum, you’ll see the number of sales each week is skyrocketing. We added about 20 regional newspapers to the search engine and this now accounts for about 10% of all sales. We are getting a healthy amount of sellers posting direct to the site as well! And we’re just getting started :)